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Jibe City is one of the most relaxed and laid back windsurf places on earth. Many windsurf groms were born right here on Bonaire. So it’s not by accident this is the basis of Hole.

In 1988 a man named Ernst Van Vliet, originally from Holland, started Jibe City out of the trunk of his car. Ernst could often be seen windsurfing in Kralendijk, or cruising around Bonaire with surfboards strapped to his car, looking for the next great place to launch into the water.

 After arriving at Sorobon beach, it was obvious to him that the natural surroundings of Lac Bay were the best place to set up shop… and so he did. “At first I wanted to just do short board rentals from sailing spots over the whole Island with my Rambler Rebel station wagon. But soon I realized the bay is the best place to sail and I decided to build a shack for my boards and sails. First Jibe City was called "Windsurfing Bonaire" But as the conditions are so good to Jibe I called it "Jibe City" after "Swell City" in the Gorge."

 In the beginning there were not half the people sailing on the waters of Bonaire as there are now. So one might say that this one man, the man, Ernst, is the reason we all take those fifteen odd flights to get down here for these amazing conditions. Ernst knew if you build it they will come; and they did! "In January 1989 me and my two dogs, Rebel and Lucky started to clean the beach and I build the Shack.”

 That shack has transformed over these two decades since Ernst first arrived. But still the true Bonairean dream survives. In 2007, when Ernst found it was time to say goodbye to Lac Bay. Over these recent years there have been even more enhancements, but no matter what you do to it, Jibe City still remains the same laid back, warm, best place in the world to windsurf! Look for more at : Jibe City


Kite Bonaire 

Kiteboarding Bonaire was founded in 2002 by an adventurer and one of the first kiters, Roan Jaspers. He started pioneering this new sport on Bonaire and made sure kiteboarding found a home on Bonaire. The school quickly developed into to an experienced and professional IKO certified kite school with a passionate crew guiding thousands of students through their first kiteboarding experiences.
At the end of 2016 it was time to pass the bar. Freek (co-owner who joined KBB in 2011) and Roan stepped out and gave the keys of the big bus to Rommel Rivas and Ossie Garcia. These two locals had been enjoying the sport on Atlantis Beach for years, loved the island and lived kitesurfing to not be just a sport but a lifestyle. Rommel and Ossie run KBB with a mission: to share this life changing experience of kitesurfing and love for the island Bonaire with the world. They gratefully and passionately continue the journey Roan started. Find them anytime on the beach and they will happily sit you down with a cool drink and tell you all about how kitesurfing changed their lives and how you can experience the same! 

Do you want your place to get Holed and put your crew in Hole clothes and become a reatail hang out?


Contact us : hole.life@icloud.com 


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