About Hole.life

Filling the hole with your own skin makes every item unique. 

Hole is not just a fashion brand, it’s a way of life.
You don’t have to be a wannabe sportsman or even a top athlete.
Just be who you are. Hole is made for those with an upbeat and fun-loving approach
to life and especially for the lazily ambitious ones among us.

In the end you do not need a brand to show the trueyou so the badge will come off after some time.


Don’t take it too seriously. After all ‘Summer is a state of mind’






We design smooth fashion items that will fit you like a second skin.
A great collection of shirts, skirts, dresses and pants that take you right back to the beach of your dreams.
Every piece is tagged with the signature ‘hole’.
It allows you to show the world some skin, and reveal your true self.


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